Magento Import / Export Issues

I have been using Magento for a few years and there are a few known issues affecting both the Community and Enterprise Edition

Yes, some has been a major issues and seems that hasn’t fixed yet. Honestly, I don’t expect this to be fixed soon. So I am posting the solutions for someone who is having these issues.

Although it is fairly simple to do, many Magento users offer encounter difficulties when attempting to use the import functionality built in to Magento. I see a fair number of inquiries about this in the forum, so I’ve decided to write a little “tutorial” and “how to fix the problems” to help you better understand and use Magento’s Import/Export and how to use Dataflow Profile.

Magento Export Multiple Configurable Options Product

Symptoms: Magento default export function will only export 1st configurable option and ignores rest of options.
Yes, this has been a major issues and seems that hasn’t fixed yet. Honestly, I don’t expect this to be fixed soon.(This issues hasn’t been fixed for over a year.)

  • Community
  • Enterprise Edition

Magento Export Updated Qty of Products

When you importing data using Import/Export method, if stock level or qty of imported csv is not matched with current then Magento will automatically reset stock level and qty to default 0.

So You can’t update stock level and qty from Import/Export method.
In order to update qty and stock level, you need to find the Dataflow Profiles(System > Import/Export > Dataflow Profiles)
I explained how to use “Dataflow Profiles” in the this post

Install Mongodb on Mac and Windows

Mongo is an open source schemaless database system which is very different from the more popular MySQL. The most considerable differences are that MySQL is written using SQL queries, while MongoDB is focused on BSON (Binary JSON).

This means much of the functionality can be accessed directly through JavaScript notation.

In this post, I will show you how to install mongodb using:

  • MongoDB 2.4.5
  • Mac OS X 10.7.5
  • Windows 7

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