Instagram Load Balance Stack

Here’s some interesting info (a year old) on what Instagram’s running.

Since Yahoo proves that PostgreSQL can handle enterprise level of big data, PostgreSQL wasn’t surprise for me. BUT this…

Every request to Instagram servers goes through load balancing machines; we used to run 2 NGINX machines and DNS Round-Robin between them. The downside of this approach is the time it takes for DNS to update in case one of the machines needs to get decomissioned. Recently, we moved to using Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancer, with 3 NGINX instances behind it that can be swapped in and out (and are automatically taken out of rotation if they fail a health check). We also terminate our SSL at the ELB level, which lessens the CPU load on NGINX. We use Amazon’s Route53 for DNS, which they’ve recently added a pretty good GUI tool for in the AWS console.

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Builder Interview

I recently found an interview post which I took a few years ago.
It was mostly for junior web developers in the company. (seems that it didn’t go

And there are things that I want to talk and discuss about.
Please feel free to leave your comment

  • Language for server side and client side
  • – Obviously, you can use same language for both side. such as javascript.

  • Frameworks vs Platforms
  • Coding standard
  • Duties of developer vs designer
  • – I’ve been worked in agencies for long time so this, sometimes, became an issue so.

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